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Thesu-t-k (Your Support System)

Queen Mother Imakhu teaches a well-rounded, fully integrative, traditional support plan for your regular spiritual practice based on Khametic wisdom. Bring peace, progress, and a solid system of consistency to your life based on our developed: (1) Prayers, beliefs, rituals (2) Morals & Ethics (3) A traditional cultural and spiritual calendar (4) Routine health practices (5) Life Path Chart & Khametic Ren (name) with Khametic NTRU, personal oracle & numerology (6) Divination systems for personal conversation with NTRU & Aakhu (Ancestors) (7) Priesthood Consultations for high level insight, guidance, and ceremony  (8) A Success Chart

Without a strategic plan, there is no progress. Queen Mother Imakhu has committed herself to the full development of a corrected spiritual support system that speaks to the best of what worked in ancient times, and what is relevant today. Purchase your success tools today.

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1. IWA  MER (The Khametic Way of Water)

Water is a mirror. What is your reflection telling you about who you are right now?


Queen Mother Imakhu's newest book, "Iwa Per (The Khametic Water Path)" takes an honest approach to personal development based on the Ancient African Water spiritual lifestyle and traditions versus societal expectations. Find your own voice with the combination of proper guidance, critical thinking, ancient spiritual traditions, ethics, compassionate insight, appropriate self-discipline, and proper goal setting. Queen Mother Imakhu even encourages that finding a good therapist as a necessity for wellness in these times. Book includes Khametic yoga, prayers, positive affirmations, holy day calendar, much more to anchor your body, mind and soul. Remove the toxicity from your life. Get in the flow. Order your copy now. 

$45 plus S&H

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The foundational laws of our ethical, moral, and spiritual faith. This version is exclusive to SHENU Temple. Artwork is by Queen Mother Imakhu, including the aritu (Khametic) chakra symbols based on her research.

$30 plus tax, S&H for Shenu Members, $35 plus tax, S&H non-members

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SHENU MEMBER  $30                      NON-MEMBER $35             


Reinforce your vital Life Force energy through the 14 Kau of Ra (14 Spirits of the Life Force). This daily yogic practice, taught exclusively by Queen Mother Imakhu, is for energetic enhancement, internal organ support, and increased life success by aligning yourself with your purpose. Increase your personal power today. $30 monthly subscription. Sign up at Queen Mother Imakhu's website here.

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Ancient Khametic priests knew the wisdom of following patterns of the cosmos. We each have our own unique blue prints told to us through plants, numbers, and the very vibrations of our birth names. There is even a foretold destiny within the Khametic birth name assigned to us. Queen Mother Imakhu's Khametic Life Report includes the break down and correlation of the birth name, the Khametic ren, the birth numbers, the Khametic astrological understanding of the client's characteristics, challenges, Khametic guardians who guide the client's head, who are guiding warriors, and Paut NTRU (Divine Governing Counsel), personal oracle, and more. The astrological chart includes the planet names in the Khametic language, and the oracle is in Khametic runes - all from Queen Mother Imakhu's exclusive research. Queen Mother Imakhu has added a new component to the chart: a specific message related to the water and how it relates to the clients life from the Khametic perspective. 20 page report takes up to 2 weeks, and is delivered via email. A scheduled, live, one hour video consultation with Queen Mother Imakhu is included, going over the report, answering client's questions. 

$549 for SHENU Members, $649 for Non-Members. 

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SHENU MEMBER  $549                       NON-MEMBER $649             


Oracle is communication with The Divine. Queen Mother Imakhu's COWRIE CARDS Affirmation & Meditation Oracle deck is a simplistic communication tool for personal check-ins. Originally created in 2005, she revamped the deck in 2019 with a new look and feel, and includes a 6x9 inch booklet with descriptions and instructions. Purchase here.

TEP RA RENU is Queen Mother Imakhu's exclusive Khametic Rune Oracle created from her years of personal research of Futhark runes and Nile Valley hieroglyphs. Available upon request only to adept high priests. Contact Queen Mother Imakhu.

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It's always important to have a support system of Elders and Ministers to receive counsel from. To schedule a consultation call or text 646-228-1185. To book a one hour phone consultation with Queen Mother Imakhu  use the PayPal below. $90 for SHENU Members, $125 for non-members.

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SHENU MEMBER  $90                                        NON-MEMBER $125            

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