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"Teaching Love, Success & Integrity through Ancient Khametic Wisdom."

Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu, Founder/Director of

SHENU Living Wisdom School

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SHENU Khametic Living Waters Wisdom School was founded by Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu. Providing greater insight into the practical theology and mystical insights of  Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) culture, philosophy, and history, how it relates to world religions, and how it applies to today's world. Advance your life forward through these original motivational teachings. Queen Mother Imakhu, Sbayit Tepi (head teacher), has helped numerous students change their lives over the years. She has also served as an ambassador for the Khametic tradition and African Water Spirituality, helping Christians and Muslims gain an honest understanding of the true cultural/historical African origins of Ancient Egyptian spirituality without judgement. Classes are specially arranged privately via Zoom, phone, or online video formats.

Current classes:

1. "IWA PER: Journey to Self-Mastery" (Level One) - Learn the basic Khametic keys that motivate us to living a better, joyous, ethically successful, and more harmonious life. 

2. SHENU Khametic Yoga & Meditation - This Ancient Egyptian yoga practice is based on Imakhu's years of being a Khametic scholar and faith practitioner, and devotion as a life long yogini. Currently offered in person in Newark, NJ. Call/text 646-228-1185 for info, or to arrange video classes. 

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