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NiNi (Welcome)

"Take responsibility for examining and cleaning up your own life, before an outside authority is forced to cleanse it for you." - Book of Prince Hardjedef, Verse 1

Sharm' (shar- MAY). Peace and freedom. Welcome to SHENU Living.

Motivational speaker Imakhu brings her SHENU Living philosophy for creating a joyous, successful lifestyle. Ancient wisdom for modern success today.

A career artist, Khametic minister, Elder High Priestess, scholar, and yogini, Imakhu (a.k.a. La Sirena Queen Mother Imakhu) has experienced much in her life long spiritual journey. Having pulled away from cult leaders and toxic communities, she has taken her life back. Standing on her unshakeable faith and wisdom, Imakhu empowers to find their own true voices, and elevate to their best lives.

Who is in your circle? Shenu means circle, reflective waters, introspection, and cognitive thought. Are you surrounded by those who reflect high ethical values? Do your friends and associates encourage you to live your best life? Do you wish the best for them? Have you been in a cult? Are you stuck? Are you willing to face yourself? Do you want wellness in all areas of your life? 

Let Imakhu uplift you through her personal philosophy of SHENU Living. Based on Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) wisdom teachings, Imakhu has crafted a practical understanding of how to live a happy, ethical, well-rounded life. No urging to join a religious house or religion. No push to become initiated. No required cookie-cutter-African-cosplay. This ancient African wisdom path speaks to the universal soul. It is here for your personal growth at your own pace. 

Follow the SHENU Living podcast, sign up for the online classes, join the SHENU Living online Facebook Kham-Motivation community, get Imakhu's multimedia. Attend Imakhu's SHENU Khametic Yoga in-person and video classes (private coaching available). 


Imakhu is a trauma and abuse survivor. Above all, she is a survivor and thriver. As Imakhu always reminds people, "YOU have the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE." Heal and empower yourself today.

Queen Mother Imakhu

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