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Ka-t (Meditation)

Daily meditation is a vital part of life. By allowing the mind, body, and soul to be still, to center, and reflect, healing takes place. Tension, the main reason for physical, mental, and emotional degeneration, leaves. Cells and tissues can be regenerated and restored. Better mental functioning takes place.

Enjoy the beautiful imagery and music here to take a few moments for relaxation. Water waves are comforting, reminding us subconsciously of amniotic fluid. In Khametic language mer (pronounced mayrh) is the word for water and love. The word for guitar is neferet (neh-feh-RET), which also means beauty, success, goodness. Neferet is also the term we in Temple Nedjem use for the throat arit (chakra).  I have found that acoustic guitar music liberates the voice and soothes the soul.

As you relax your breathing and focus on the words MER and NEFERET while watching the gentle waves of peaceful water, know that you are attracting love, goodness, beauty, and success into your life. Click the player button at right to hear the lovely guitar piece called SERENITY.

Stay blessed. - Queen Mother Eyele

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