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Seshu en Renp-t 
(Seshat's Letter of the Year for Current Cycle to Wep RenP-t 2023)

By Rev. Queen Mother Imakhu 12/24/22

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Above video, oracle deck and clay lamp created by Queen Mother Imakhu (Elaine Lloyd-Nazario).  Seshata on right in Luxor temple, Egypt.

We believe that oracle is how our African Creative Forces, our ancestors, and other vital spiritual voices communicate with us. Oracle provides beneficial guidance that we are able to incorporate into our lives bases on higher forces having an advantage in seeing into past, present, and future. Prophecy is not "fortune telling." It is no different than a parent giving guidance and insight to a growing child who doesn't know better. Of course there is choice. Sometimes the child must fall, scratch his knee, then learn to pace himself accordingly. A bowl of candy for dinner is not wise. We may take the advice given or not. Either way, the lesson remains. 


Those familiar with Orisha traditions know that designated Elders perform the community Oracle Readings of the Year. This tradition also is performed throughout various Kemetic/Khametic/Kametic temples as a way to let participants know what to expect from the unseen forces within the next several months. African-centered faith communities had insight into the coming 2020 pandemic because of our oracle systems. SHENU Temple was also aware that we needed to be prepared because a catastrophic health and financial crisis was coming.

Oracle comes in multiple forms, including visions, dreams, prophetic utterances, art, objects from nature, the written word. It is not uncommon for ancestors and NTRU like Khnemu and Auset to bring messages through dreams. Others use signs and symbols. The official tangible oracle system of SHENU Nedjem Khametic Yoga Temple is governed by Seshata (Seshat), Mother of Mysteries. She is the equivalent of the African orisha Orunmila. Seshata, designer of schematics, mysteries, systems, metaphysics, medicines, mathematics, ecology, astronomy, astrology, arts, written communications, plans, and destinies. 


Seshata masters mind altering substances used to help take seekers to mastery when properly and carefully employed, or to delusion when abused. Her crown is the cannabis leaf. The idea, however, is to not need external devices to achieve altered states of higher consciousness. True ascension occurs through deep meditation and processing, high vibratory states, and the highly developed silence of the Geru (Guru). Again, this is mastery. This kind of mastery comes through severe testing of body, mind, and spirit. Do not be fooled into believing that mastery comes without struggle or severe challenges. Seshata tests the mind, intellect, psychic ability, will, and destiny on countless levels. She does not act solely from the heart. She is aware that she has a legacy to leave behind and is interested in drawing those who will help support and expand that legacy. She does not have an interest in cold-hearted people though. Cold-hearted people can be selfish and unethical. Those kinds of people stand in the way of a harmonious society (Ma'at). The same for mind manipulators. Seshata doesn't like anything that brings harm to others when technology, science, psychology, or anything under her domain causes isfet (evil/chaos).  Ma'at (harmony, order, balance, justice, higher love) is Seshata's ultimate goal. She is aware of her function, is excellent at what she does. Her desire is to eliminate suffering. It is believed that one of her aspects or titles is Nehemetawyt - Deliverer, Savior, Rescuer. Nehemetawyt rescues women and children from poverty and abuse. Seshata rescues the victimized through mind illumination, revelation, information, personal validation, and righteous vindication. Ignorance equals darkness. May we all awaken to harmonious light.  

The process of the Seshat Letter of the Year is a three step process:

1. Seshat prayers and invocations. A multi-tiered prophetic divining using Seshat's SHENU Oracle Wheel, SHENU Shait Circle of Fate, Seru Seshat Oracle, Tep Ra Shenu Renu, and a consecrated cowrie shell to determine what Khametic NTR/NTRU speaks with the governing messages for the year. The determinations are recorded. The human person bringing Seshat's message through is the Ma'a (Seer). The Ma'a is the vessel for Seshat, Djehuti, and Ma'at.

2. Djehuti invocations for validations and pronouncements of the governing NTR/NTRU of the year and correctness of the reading.

3. Ma'at (The Remedy): Ma'at prayers, invocation, and pronouncement of the healing remedy for how to approach the year, including Khametic scripture, Seru Seshat, Queen Mother Imakhu's COWRIE CARDS, SHENU Khametic Yoga postures, review of Khametic Birth Chart.


OPENING - WHO SPEAKS FROM TEP RA SHENU? Hapy (hay-PEE), NTR of the Great River (Nile). Verse 72 from SHENU Shait Circle of Fate Oracle says, "If you partner in haste you will be deceived; wait patiently and you will be happy." This speaks of patience in all matters of partnership, which is consistent with Hapy. Be careful about everyone you allow into your life, who you decide to partner with, and especially who crosses your portals. Hapy carries the hetep tablet. Be careful of those bringing gifts in the pretense of kindness, but also take note of those who have taken from you and consistently eaten from your table and brought you nothing. They are likely there to steal your recipes, spy, or tell your business behind your back in order to destroy you. Mind you, Hapy teaches to give gifts and offerings to those who are in need. If you owe, pay. However, do not withhold if the person who owes is starving and still having difficulty. If you are holding on to bitterness then release it. Welcome joy and trust that the situation will balance itself out. Also remember that Hapy tells us to make offerings to your Paut NTRU (Spiritual Crew). In our temple we pour fresh water, leave vessels of spring water, and pray for local water sources. Above all, we do acts of service in the name of the NTRU. Do not forget to give monetary tithes and offerings to ensure the well being of your spiritual leaders, Elders, and spiritual organizations that pour into you (make sure that your Righteous Teachers are not poor, naked, homeless, unsafe, and starving - the cowrie was upside down). Protocols. Tolerance. Eclectic intellectualism. But this is the year for extremes to be pulled in. It must be about healing The Village. Avoid people are engaged in divisive gossip, or who work against the community for selfish gains or from childish insecurity. There is greater danger in hoarding and hoarders from those who are stashing, pretending to be in need while they are secretly extorting and exploiting. Yes, build your bank. No, don't lie and cause others to suffer when you know you can help. Don't expect as much government bailout this time. There will be aid for those who make wise moves and listen out for the right resources. This year will be about who you know, but not in the places you'd expect. Still, keep yourself out away from known troublemakers. Don't be a snob, though. Community cleverness is key. Hapy is about ascension, but his

symbol is also sema taui (unification, "Unity in the Community").


HOWEVER, in cases of domestic violence and abuse, because the cowrie was upside down it is important for couples to stay apart - no compromise. Counseling is suggested to get at the heart of why domestic violence exists in the relationship and family, and so the pattern will be broken. Safety must come first. This is a serious mental/emotional health issue, often generational. If children are involved then you must make this sacrifice to stop the cycle of abuse for their sake. No more being a victim, no more victimizing. 


Because of the nature of this prophecy our attention is drawn once more to the Famine Stele of Sehel. In 2019 the voice speaking was Khnemu from this same stele. The perspective changes this time. Instead of Khnemu warning us what would happen because of the neglectful imbalance from man's disrespect toward the planet, resulting in death (pandemic), we have Hapy himself speaking. More pandemic issues are upon us. Khnemu would not throw open the floodgates because Nsw (Pharoah/King) Djoser arrogantly defied protocols and didn't bring the supplication offering. Khnemu's temple was in disrepair. Through humility and respect for tradition Nsw Djoser finally re-established the harmonious balance. Hapy brings his perspective of the story. He is the hetep (peace) tablet, the flood waters, the land holding the water that acts as a sacred container, the hidden portals in the river banks and beneath the water waves, and the life supported by the water. Hapy is the original Aquarius. This is a great deal to ponder as we enter 2023. Another aspect of the Sehel Stele to consider is how the priesthood was eventually forced to rebel against because the people were suffering. They knew the king's selfish, abusive behavior had an adverse affect upon the good of 

all because of his refusal to follow ancestral traditions. They were right. The priests rose against Djoser and forced his hand. We'll see much of the same throughout the world as people insist upon change for the greater good.

CONTINUED PRONOUNCMENT: KEM (Cowrie reversed) - Hair is torn out from grief, but situation can be made joyful. Hair was also pulled forward and shaken during funeral processions. "Wagging of the head." Hapy says that the choice is ours in how we decide to avert problems or convert them into happiness. Voluntary release. Shaving the head as opposed to having the hair yanked out or falling out from stress. Prune the tree before disease destroys it. Conscious new beginnings. Also, get a grip. Focus on mental wellness this year. Get therapy if you need it instead of letting yourself get driven to the brink of madness.

SEDJEM EN: The animal ear. Hapy warns about listening before prejudging, listening more acutely, listening with intuition to higher forces. Discretion. Tune into our/your world more keenly. Heighten your sensitivity. Ancestral voices, ancestral realms.

GEB: The Earth, its resources, give and take, survival without becoming animalistic. Root arit. Community. Health. Body. 


Book of Ankhsheshonqi, Chapter 7, v. 23, 24: - "Do not speak hastily lest you give offense. Do not say right away what comes out of your heart." 

Phebor's 12th - 14th Books of Instruction

Book of Phebor Instructions 12-13.jpg


Remember, Seshat works with Ma'at. She will not tolerate any misuse or manipulations of her gifts of the mind, sciences, systems, arts, or anything under her domain. Her goal is to bring balance. 


~ Offer praises to Hapy by saying, "Duau, Hapy! (Many thanks, Hapy!")

~ Study the 7 Khametic Universal Laws of Success from The Kybalion (Queen Mother Imakhu's version).

~ 2023 will be a sefekh (7) year. Application of the 7 Laws will help. Manifestation, devotion, protocols, community are emphasized. ~Immersive study and practice of Shenu Khametic Yoga. Emphasize incorporating the corresponding poses.

~ Study the Stele of Sehel (The Famine Story). What did we miss in 2020? What can we make sure that we don't repeat in 2023?

~ Practice self-discipline. Sacrifice now yields reward later.


~ Reading the Khametic Scriptures from the Books of Anqsheshonqui and Phebor. They serve as reminders of the messages from Hapi and Seshat and what we should be particularly mindful of this year in order to be successful in 2023. 


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