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Weekly TepRa Message

April 24, 2020 - Tep Ra Renu oracle is REKH reversed. Rekh represents the floodgates of the Hapi flowing abundantly, and moving out of the way in a timely manner so as not to get caught up in the flood. The flood waters are usually welcomed it means life, health, wealth overflowing. However, when reversed, Rekh indicates drought, disease, death, poverty. Once again, Khnum speaks. Let us remember that Khnum warned us of the Corona/COVID crisis.  The flood waters of Khnum in Rekh have receded. Khnum warns that mankind has not learned the lessons of humbleness in order to bring the planet into harmony. Another level is coming. Stock up, be still, buckle down, stay inside, STAY CALM. PRAY. Be prepared to make sacrificial prayer offerings to Khnum using your shashaut (prayer beads), chanting "Anedj hrak Khnum. Duau Khnum." The easiest hesi (chant) is "Dua Khnum." Do this every night before bedtime. Also, do not be surprised to find that resources may dry up in places that are usually plentiful and flowing. Rituals will bring mercy and open the energy. Remember that Khnum is the creator, uniter, and soul healer. There is much mourning at this time because so many are transitioning. Because of the nature of COVID-19, we don't have the opportunity to bury them with our traditional funerary rites due to public health restrictions. Ask for Khnum to help with the healing of our souls, and the healing of the transitioned souls. 

The second Renu oracle message was specifically regarding how to remedy or ease the situation. Neit speaks. Neit, grandmaother of the NTRU, is mate to Khnum. Our temple guardians are speaking. Her TepRa symbol indicates "NO." High standards. Restrictions. Discretion in spending, speech, who you connect with. Neit connects behind the scenes, behind her veil. She works her connections. The spider's web, the worldwide web, the Gaiactic web, the psychic web, the Tree of Life of hers. Work your connections in terms of how you are able to share resources. Increase your worth through choosing classes, workshops, contacts that will increase your value. review how you have treated your colleagues and associates. Repair your threads if you have destroyed them, for Neit is the weaver. Call on her if you need protection for she is the warrior. Draw her symbol on your front door for protection. Lay red cloth, thread, or yarn on your altar as an offering to Neit. Offerings of fresh water to Neit, Khnum, and Serqet on your altars. Avoid all conflicts. Maintain discretion. Hold your tongue. Wasted breath and wasted discussions are discouraged and taboo this week.

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