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Building Bridges to Peace Without & Within

Queen Mother Mai Imakhu was initiated in the Shona/Ndebele (Bantu) Nganga Peacemaker Water tradition by Michael Ortiz Hill and Mandaza Kandemwa in 2006. A Piscean born to a Gullah-Geechee father from Spring Hill, South Carolina, and a Snow Hill, North Carolinian mother with Haitian, Dominican, and Puerto Rican roots, it is no wonder Mai Imakhu is known as Water Woman.

SHENU Living Waters Temple is the only Khametic spiritual organization in modern existence. Mai Imakhu is the foremost scholar in researching, retrieving, codifying and practicing ancient Egyptian water spiritual traditions. She has also rejected all previous practices from her patriarchal, abusive ankh-carrying lineage. The SHENU life practice and initiation system brings a deeper meaning to individuals for bringing inner peace and call to purpose based on the water mysteries. 

Initiation includes the ancient original Khametic practice of baptism, Khametic scriptural study, metaphysics, iqa (Khametic yoga), and much more. 

Level One group classes begin on January 1, 2022, $106 monthly, seven months ($742), ending July 31, 2022. Monthly payments available below. REGISTER BEFORE 12/21/21 FOR ADDITIONAL BENEFITS.

Pre-recorded and live videos, Facebook group, support. Private study available at $250 monthly ($1,750). Three Levels of classes are required for to become a Nganga/Healing Priest/ess.


Call/text 646-228-1185 for more information and to register with Queen Mother Imakhu.

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Group Class:
7 Months = $742 total

Private Class:
7 Months = $1,750 total

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Group Class:
7 Months = $106 monthly 
($742 total)

Private Class:
7 Months = $250 monthly ($1,750)

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