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Ndjutu (Sacred Spirits of the Water)

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There are a wide variety of African traditions regarding sacred water and our connectedness to it. The concept of "mermaids" originated from our African Ancestral Water Spirits.


African Water Spirits (Guardians, Orisha, Loa, etc.) are as multi-faceted as the various forms of water, and are known by many names: Hat-Mehyt. Hapi. Heqet. Het Hru. Andjety. Akhuut. Rehes. Rekhet. Nu. Nut. Tefnut. Mu. Meh Urt. Apet. Sebek. Djehuti. Nefertum. Ua (Asar). Uati (Ast). Renenet. Satet. Anqet.  Iem Akhu. Iem Udja. Yemoja. Yemaya. Olokun. Oshun. Oxala. Obatala/Yemmu. Oya. Nommo. Denzu. Mweru. La Sirène. Simbi. Cymbee. Erzulie. Agwe. Damballa Wedo. Aida Wedo. Ghede Loraye. La Baleine. Gran Ibo. Madame La Lune. Mamaissii. Mama Tchamba. Madame Poisson. Mamba Muntu. Mami Wata. Mae de Agua. Agbe. Naete.  Amakhosi. Chitapo. Nakamwale.  Bapuka. Itoshi. Nyaminyami. Maloa. Lengolengole. Funkwe. Nsanguni. Solomoni. Chilengwa. Sung'unyi. Mulombe. Namulolobwe. Nyaminyami. Inkosazana. Amandlozi. Enjusu. Njusu. Njuzu. Mambokadze. And yes, Ancestor Harriet Tubman.


Although the names differ, all Ancestral Water Spirits of Light (Ie m Akhu) share the common purpose of driving us toward living in the highest element of ourselves by encouraging us to face the darkest aspects of our beings. They only choose to work with those who are strong in character and humble in spirit in order to develop them into divine shamanic vessels for spiritual leadership.


Water Spirits are extremely protective of their children (those who are born with water attributes and called to service). Woe unto the person who messes with a Water Child! Likewise, woe unto the Water Child who takes his/her privileges for granted.


Water Spirits often communicate through dreams. If you have difficulty receiving dream messages place a clean pan or bowl of clear water under your bed or near your head. Give thanks for all messages received. Also pay close attention to messages when connected to water via baths, showers, dish washing, walking in the rain, putting your feet in a stream, a pond...


It is believed that Ancient Ancestral Spirits like Djehuti and Gran Ibo, govern lakes, ponds, pools, and swamps because they are still water. Truly, still waters run deep. Deep knowledge also comes from Spirits who govern the ocean depths, like Olokun. More vibrant energy comes from the ocean's surface, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and springs. Their numerous rulers include Nu, Ast, Yemoja, Erzulie, Njusu. They are referred to as "living water (uhem ankh)."


When pouring libation, give thanks to the African Water Spirits of Light who have paved the way for us. Pray for all of the Water shamans, priests, and priestesses in your bloodline known and unknown. Call upon those in your River of Ancestors who are highly evolved to give you counsel based on the wisdom they are anxious to share.

Khametic guardian HatMehyt, oldest known deity with a fish crown. 

Khametic guardian Andjety, the original Good Shepherd. 

Khametic guardian Sebek.

Khametic guardian TaUrt.

Khametic libation.

Hapy, Khametic guardian of the Nile River. 

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