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BLESSED WATER: Restoring Khnemu's Temple

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Our ministry logo, designed and created by Queen Mother Imakhu, represents Khenemu's hands molding life at the potter's wheel, while the living waters of Heqet are infused in the process of birth and rebirth. It also indicates how we are responsible for shaping our own lives. We can take life into our own hands.

Khenemu's Floodgate Brings Restoration & Blessings

©2020  Queen Mother Imakhu (Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario)

Khnemu (Khnum) is the predynastic creator/artist NTR (God) who sits at the potters wheel, creating humans from clay made from silt of the Hapi, and bringing all of life into creation. He owns all waters, and controls their flow, including the subterranean streams and rivers. His disposition is kind, peaceful, and cool, like cave waters. 


Some of Khnemu's titles are, "The Uniter; The Builder; Builder of Humans (Body, Soul, Spirit); Mother of Mothers and Father of Fathers; Creator of the NTRU; Lord of Created Things; Maker of Heaven, Earth, Tuat, Water and Mountains."

Khnemu works with his partner, the frog-headed Heqet, who, with her breath of life, transmutes all waters into life giving, living waters (hence the Nile's name "Uhem Ankh" - Living Waters). Together, Khnemu works with, revives, and retrieves the soul. Heqet, works with, revives, and retrieves the mind. They both revive the body, stability, and finances, particularly through the water. Khnemu and Heqet are the principle guardians of Shenu Living Waters Temple.

There is a Khametic legend known as "Khnum and the Seven Year Famine." Inscribed on what is known as the Famine Stele of Sehel in Egypt on the Island of Elephantine, it recounts the story of what is considered an historical period of ancient Khamet, when the Hapi (Nile) waters did not rise to its customary greatness, causing starvation throughout the land. Without the irrigation from the river's overflow, crops ceased to grow. All life was diminished. People starved. Granaries were empty. This pattern continued for seven years under the reign of the newly enstooled Pharoah Djoser (third king of the third dynasty), who, disconnected from the previous rituals of the regents in his position, assumed the the high priests would take on the spiritual duties that his predecessor had carried out. The dire circumstances and desperation forced him to realize that his blatant disrespect of the spiritual traditions was a grave mistake. After consulting with his wisdom keepers, Djoser journeyed to the forgotten and neglected Khnum temple to pay homage to the NTR who should have been given his tributes. The Pharoah humbled himself, bowed before Lord Khnemu, and made his offerings.


Khnemu leaned in and spoke to Djoser, saying, "I am Khnemu, who created you. My two hands molded your body, gave you health, and gave you your heart. Yet, precious stones  have been lying in the ground for ages, and no one has bothered to retrieve them in order to build new Houses of God, or restore the temples that have fallen into disrepair, or new shrines for the NTRU (Gods) of the North and South, or do what he ought to do (make offerings, repair Khnemu's temple) for his Lord, though I am the Lord and Creator. I am Nu, the great, self-created NTR who brought myself into existence in the beginning. I am Hapi, the Nile NTR who rises at will, bringing health to all who properly honor me in ritual. I am  the Director and Guide of all men at their seasons. The Most Great, Father of the NTRU. I am Shu, the Great One, the Chief of Earth... (If you remember to honor me) I will make the Hapi to rise for you."

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Nsw (King) Djoser ordered the repair of Khnemu's temple, known as Netchemtchem Ankh (Sweet, Sweet Life/House of Joy). The king also ordered his people to restore Ma'at by tithing one tenth of their earnings to Khnemu, whether cattle, fish, fowl, harvest bounty, or gemstones of the earth. Khnemu opened the floodgates. The Living Waters of Heqet brought new life to the people of Khamet.

There are variations of this story, but the bottom line is this: the neglect of Khnum (also known as Khenemu), NTR of the Hapi's rising, was akin to neglect of the water. One must never take the water for granted. The lack of attentiveness to the water then is a reflection (no pun intended) on the water emergency around the world today. The resurrection of the Ancient Egyptian traditions with the mistaken emphasis on the sun as opposed to giving first respect to the water, has brought our people to a state of financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual drought. We have lost our way. As the NTR of good health, Khnemu has expressed His displeasure at our abusive of nature through the current pandemic. Khnemu is a judge who enforces Ma'at (universal karmic law). We must own our behavior as a human species. Respect the waters without and within. Resurrect Khnum's body temple.

This ministry began as an artist temple, Universal Circle of Light Ministries, back in 1999. It evolved to become Shenu Ministries, the only official Khametic water temple in existence in 2006.

My work to the resurrect the Khametic water traditions has been a difficult, but dedicated one in service to the community. This ministry helps to feed the food challenged, find placement and resources, for neighbors with no addresses, teach art to children in underserved neighborhoods, and much more. A unique organization, SHENU teaches Practical Motivational Theology using the Khametic sage wisdom teachings.


Become a member of the SHENU Ashram Online. Support us in our work. Learn how to keep the work going where you live. Change your life. Get motivated. Find your joy. Be the difference. Duau (Thanks).

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