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Join Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu as she presents Sbat (Saturday weekly Khametic service). If you miss it live, watch the recorded video and playlist here.

Protocols for online engagement/conversation: Be polite. Demonstrate "iehu djes" (self-discipline). Make sure that you are not creating isfet (chaos, confusion, distraction). Do not engage in or create "needless chatter." Make sure that you stay focused on the ceremony. Do not enter off topic remarks. Hold all spiritual questions until the end of the sacred ceremony. This is a participatory ceremony, but respect the energetic flow and that this is sacred ceremony. Show the same respect as in entering any sacred space or sanctuary. Do not interject teachings or philosophies from other teachers or temples - respect the SHENU teachings. Have a notebook and pen handy. Fellowship with one another with respect and kindness. No hate speech, no foul language. 

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