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Learn the Contemporary Art of Living through Ancient Women's Water Mysteries of the Khametic Red Tent and Red Crown: The Sacred Water & Blood, the Khametic Empowerment Goddesses, the Domestic Arts and                                                          Healing Arts, Mystic Arts.

Roe vs. Wade has been overturned.


Sisters, we must empower ourselves.


Sisters, let us come together to heal and address preventative self-care measures. Heb Desher is the Shenu Khametic Red Tabernacle program created by Queen Mother Imakhu Eyele Mai Neferet to help women address issues of womanhood. Practical real world topics including parenting, relationships, abuse, financial challenges and abundance building, spirituality, holistic health, cultural challenges, and much more. This is not about bashing men or one another. It is about learning, discussing, validating, examining, solving, and turning tragedies into triumphs. 

Sign up for a private online live video group classes (recorded for those who can't make the live), all from a Khametic/African-diasporic perspective. Also learn about the Khametic metaphysical women's mysteries through Queen Mother's teachings. Must be at least 19 years of age. Must be female. By joining this program you agree not to replicate or share this program, or its content, materials and methods. You also agree not to share the personal information of participants of this program. No trust is to be betrayed. The environment of mutual respect and trust is to be honored. 

Fill in the form below. Text 646-228-1185 for more information.

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