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Queen Mother Imakhu in prayer shawl with

Mwti Nswt em Debau

(Queen Mothers of Restoration)

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In Ancient Egypt, the role of the Mwt Nswt, or Queen Mother, was of high respect. Queen Mothers exist throughout the African diaspora, throughout various African cultural traditions. The Queen Mother is an earned, appointed title -  NEVER self-appointed. It is also one defined by character and calling. Queen Mothers are elders of purpose, power, integrity; the healers, mystics, cultural educators, scholars, and community leaders committed to positively uplifting their people.

Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu, initiated and enstooled Khametic Queen Mother since 2005, has created a new program to initiate other "new" elder women into the vital, historic, African-centered Queen Mother tradition. Queen Mothers are needed in communities of color now more than ever. It is time for the teachings of our Hapi (Nile) Valley ancestors to be reinforced, relegated, and updated by the specially trained mothers of social and spiritual consciousness, prepared to heal our people. (See article explaining the true role of The African Queen Mother here.)

This highly comprehensive two year program includes high priestess training, ordained ministerial training, protocols, ethics, altar work, Khametic theology, Khametic yoga, learning and writing Khametic prayers, water rituals, community rituals, mastery of Khametic prayers and literature, sound healing, Shen Urrit healing, gemstone therapy, Khametic rune oracle and additional Khametic oracle systems, Khametic astrology, training on community engagement with families, children, and communities, learning Khametic arts, dance and prayer rituals and chants, sacred garb, high ceremony, and economic empowerment. Graduates will become ankh carrying Queen Mothers of Restoration, and will be permitted to teach the Queen Mother Community Rites of Passage Program for Girls & Young Ladies.

Classes will be online, live video classes, in person, seasonal in person rituals (including Ancestor Day at Coney Island), audio. Must purchase Queen Mother Imakhu's book, "Khesu Duau Meni." Additional learning materials will be identified as course progresses.

Offered as private classes (with, required attendance in certain group activities), and as group classes (with all or most classes as live video group classes). Time to be determined. Classes taught by Queen Mother Imakhu. Graduation includes community enstoolment ceremony.

Started week of December 1st, 2019. There is still time to join.

Private Classes                                      Group Classes

$250 monthly                                        $150 monthly

$750 quarterly                                      $450 quarterly

$3000 for 1 year                                   $1800 for 1 year

$6000 for 2 years                                 $3600 for 2 years

Please fill in the form below to receive an invoice with the terms if you are accepted.

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