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Prayer Requests

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Shenu Khametic Living Waters Ministries believes in the power of prayer. Petitions will be placed on temple's prayer altar. Queen Mother Imakhu will call in dire situations to lend personal prayer support.


Do know that in our tradition we pray for the best possible outcome for highest good of all parties concerned through the will of The One Most High (NTR, pronounced "neh-CHUR", or "en - CHUR"), and in the name of Maat (balance, harmony, reciprocity, order, truth, justice)  Praying in the name of Maat specifically means that we may be granted eyes to see the truth, and the roles we play in our situations so we may learn and correct whatever we can within our own power. ("Maa" means "to see.")


Honor the greater Life Lesson of your present trial or tribulation. Be thankful for the insightful wisdom it gives you. Above all, know that you are not alone.

Prayer Request

Thanks for sharing. We are praying for you.

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