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Our Daily Prayers

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The practice of stopping to pray five times a day originated with Nile Valley culture. It keeps people divinely aligned with NTRU
(the divine deities and Forces of Nature). The concept of "praying without ceasing" was also from Ancient Khamet. Khamites believed that all acts of living were prayers. If one was within divine alignment with The Source, then everything flowing within accord was an act of prayer. The mindfulness of staying connected to NTRU, and of living harmoniously within Ma'at, helped people remember the sanctity of life. 
SHENU Ashram encourages the practice of praying five times a day. We pray mostly in the Khametic language, which holds great power in its intonation and vibration. Our prayers are presented 'here, are read from KHESU DUAU MENI, Queen Mother Imakhu's book of prayers and rituals from Shenu Ashram. Purchase the download version of the book HERE.
You are invited to return to this page daily to strengthen your prayer practice. Prayer is: 
(1) Early Morning/Sunrise
(2) 10AM
(3) 12 Noon
(4) Sunset
(5) Bedtime
Personally, I also pray Dua Neb Ih Neb-t (Lord's Prayer Khametic Language) three times a day in the manner of The Essenes. The Essenes were the Zennu (also Senu/Sunu/Sunnu), or physicians/healers who came out of Ancient Khametic tradition, and removed themselves to private sanctuary in order to preserve and practice the best of Khametic spirituality when the culture was in decline due to invasions and moral compromise. The Essenes followed the instruction in The Didache to pray what became known as The Lord's Prayer. It is powerful, impactful, and aligning. Because Khametic faith practitioners still recognize the merit and comfort of this prayer, many have asked for a Khametic translation, which I have written and provided. Because the original teachings acknowledge both male and female within the Divine Consciousness, my prayer addresses Neb (Master/Lord) and Neb-t (Female Master/Mistress/Lady). I pray Dua Neb Ih Neb-t upon waking, at mid-morning, and noon, before and along with our other designated prayers. As I pray I am addressing my primary NTRU Mother/Father guardians (Kherit) who were determined through my Khametic Astrology Birth Chart. You are welcome to pray this empowering prayer to connect on a deeper level with the primary NTRU who guide you, even if at this time they are unknown to you. It is about the connection, respect, and homage.
To best learn all of the Daily Prayers below, order
KHESU DUAU MENI to follow along.
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New Cover Dimensions Khesu Duau Meni(2).

dua neb ih neb-t (Lord's prayer in khametic language)

Dua Neb Ih Neb-t_Lord's Prayer Khametic Queen Mother Imakhu
00:00 / 00:42

1. early morning/sunrise prayer

Shenu Khametic Morning PrayersQueen Mother Imakhu
00:00 / 15:20

2. mid-morning prayer (10am)

Dua Neb Ih Neb-t_Lord's Prayer Khametic Queen Mother Imakhu
00:00 / 00:42

3. noon prayer (12pm)

4. sunset prayer (5pm)

5. evening prayer (8pm)

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